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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

{intern} help wanted!

Ok - so things are really getting crazy over here!
Let me clarify...the good kind of crazy! But since crazy means one (read "I") can't do it all by oneself (ready "myself"), I am looking for an illustrator intern who knows what he/she is doing and who would work with me creating some designs for Petite Marie's upcoming projects.
It would be unpaid, but he/she would get exposure on the blog AND as A Cup of  Jo's  Joanna said on this post, "tons of gratitude"!
Do any of you know anyone who might be interested?
If so, let me know...

Thank you so so much in advance!!!

PS: After looking at it again, I thought the picture I posted yesterday went beyond the "halloweenish" look I was going no pic...


  1. oh I so wish I could help but I have no idea how to make those cute illustrations you make. I would love to learn though! What program do you use?

  2. I'm trying...but I'm nowhere near being great for what my demand has been growing! I've been using InDesign, and Illustrator as well (some Photoshop as well).


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