Come In, Stay A While, Come Back...

Monday, February 14, 2011

love and a comeback.

It's no secret I've been gone for a while. For a reaaally long while.
Many things happened (and some didn't, both fortunately and unfortunately) and time was just getting the best of me. All the time. For a long time.
It felt as if my plug had been pulled or my auto-pilot mode had been activated. It was definitely not intentional...but it happened. But since I believe we are always there (even when we're not), I would always hear that little voice calling me back...
And so here I am. I've missed this lovely place and I missed all of you!
And today is a good day. It's lover's day!
I think that any day that celebrates life's most important sentiment (in my opinion!) is a good day.
It's a great day!

Hope everyone has been well and loved.
It sure feels good to be back. And it sure feels good to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day!

So here's an image that really caught my attention about a week ago while browsing Twig and Thistle. Not much more needed to say, right?

Love to All, today and always...


  1. Welcome back! Question - my cousin is turning 13 this year and they are having a pool party in April. Her mum asked me for ideas for the cake. I have found some cools one but now I am trying to convince her of doing a dessert table. The problem is I can't find any pictures of pool party themed dessert tables for teenage girls to give her an idea of what I mean. Any chance you have seen any around?

  2. Hey Kat! Thank you very much...Well, I do have some things in mind...I can put an inspiration board together for you. Any colors she likes the best?

  3. Really? that would be fantastic! she is a super girly girl so the usual pinks & purples would make her happy. It is a pool party too so we were thinking a pool cake but I am flexible on that.


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